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Think Feng Shui is all Hocus Pocus? It is basically harness the energy around the location of the property and we are trying to let the occupant have the best benefits possible.

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"Feng Shui is not everything, it is just one of the 3 lucks, Heaven, Earth and Human luck."

- My Master


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  • Residential or Commercial Property Feng Shui Consultation
  • Pre purchase property selection
  • Auspicious Date Selection(Start of Business or Marriage)
  • Personal Luck Reading
  • Baby date selection
  • Power business card design

Feng Shui 2020

Year 2019 will be the year of Rat, Yang Metal Rat. Rat is the 1st animal sign of the 12, the first in the series, is something new going to happen? Will see.

The actual start date of the Rat Year is on the day of arrival of the spring. In solar calendar they call it Lap Chun (Contonese), Li Chun (Mandarin). It start on 4th of Feb 2020. On that day, you can say now this is the year of the Rat.

For CNY (Chinese New Year), that is following lunar calendar. It falls on 25th of Jan 2020, which is a not a very good sign that it arrives before Lap Chun, the season not really over yet and the new year is started. It could means that something bad would extended to the new year. A not so good omen indeed.

Flying star for 2020 started with Annual Star 7 on the center of the grid. From there we can determine which sector is good and bad according to the yearly star. We can talk more about the flying star on another article.

Here, we will reveal the few of the important sectors to watch out for the year of 2020.

5 Yellow, is located at E(East), don't plan to do major renovation or digging in this sector.

3 Killing is coming from S(South), if possible avoid sitting your back to the South for the long period of time.

Tai Sui (Grand Duke) is at the N(North) this year, try avoid facing North direction. Looks like facing North is not a good direction this year as you will face the Tai Sui and been stab by the 3 Killings, that means lots of challenges ahead and at the same time someone's plan is disturbing your progress all the time.

Credits: Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash